Monday, October 21, 2013

Anime: Sakasama no Patema

Remember or Time of Eve, maybe ? Well Yasuhiro Yoshiura is back with a new series to be followed with a movie in November!

Sakasama no Patema is a world where opposites exist. Literally. Two races of people whose gravity are polar opposites. One lives like us, above the ground with the sky in its usual orientation (above our heads). The other lives, below ground, and instead of falling down, they fall "up".

Beginning of the Day is the first chapter of this story. It introduces us to the world and the two main characters. Patema the princess of the underground world and Age a normal school aged boy from the world above ground.Their sudden and unexpected interaction is the ending point of this ONA and probably the start of the movie.

Add to that some tantalizing hints regarding the history of the world and some secret ongoing science experiment and you have built up sufficient hype for the movie.

The show looks beautiful and there's this Makoto Shinkia vibe to the few ONAs that we have been given.

I'm really looking forward to the movie and I hope it shows in Singapore. Besides I enjoyed Time of Eve immensely, and Pale Cocoon was not bad, so it'll be interesting to watch more from this upcoming director.
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