Thursday, September 12, 2013

The commander of the General Staff of the PM, Colonel Paulo Henrique de Moraes, said on the morning

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Rio de Janeiro is prepared to use military force against demonstrations on September 7th reduce military parade due to "violent threats" and warn that they are prepared to "self-defense actions of the physical integrity of the troops"


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Sergio Moraes / Reuters

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In response to the call for expressions of social networks during the civic parade in downtown Rio on Saturday, legal issues in nursing 7 Independence Day holiday, the Army issued legal issues in nursing a statement saying it could use force to prevent attacks on troops or military equipment damage. The note of the Eastern Military Command (CML) says that "the armed forces are capable of performing, with legal support, legal issues in nursing actions of self-defense of physical legal issues in nursing troop parade legal issues in nursing and assets of the Union." Showed how the site reporting SEE, effective this year, with 6,000 participants, will be 40% lower, due to "threats of violent actions," according to the Army. With the decrease in the number of participants, time of event will be reduced from three hours to a maximum of two hours.

As usual, the parade civic Independence legal issues in nursing Day in Rio is at Avenida Presidente Vargas, from 9am. Will be attended by military Army, Navy, Air Force,

and men of the Military Police, the Fire Department, the Federal Highway Police, and the Municipal Guard. Also will parade former combatants of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB), and representatives of military schools, civil organizations, service club, Lions Club, the Freemasons, the Rotary Club, Red Cross, legal issues in nursing and the Association of Graduates War College (ADESG). There will be parades of tanks, military vehicles and troops on horseback.

Military Police - For the first time, the Military Police will lead the parade to only 200 students of the Academy of Police D. John VI. Traditionally, participating in the event PMs battalions of Special legal issues in nursing Operations (BOPE) and shock - this has been the target of intense criticism from activists who accuse the army to act with brutality in demonstrations. The goal of PM is to increase the effective policing of the streets due to protests called for this Saturday in Rio and other cities in the state.

The commander of the General Staff of the PM, Colonel Paulo Henrique de Moraes, said on the morning of Friday, 6 that 1,860 policemen will be deployed to patrol scheme legal issues in nursing this Saturday. In addition to strengthening the effective Avenida Presidente Vargas, will be no more PMs readiness in the City Council, the Legislative Assembly, the Guanabara Palace and the administrative seat of the Municipality of Rio - common targets of protests that result in vandalism.

Protests in Brazil Debate: Winter uncertainty

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