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48-Hour Script-to-Screen Contest

Press Release, Sherman, TX, September 6, 2013

48-Hour Script-to-Screen Contest, a part of the Sherman Arts Festival

Time of event: From Friday evening, September 13, to Sunday evening, September 15. Awards ceremony and film viewing will take place on Sunday, September 22, at 7:30pm.

Place: The contest begins and ends at the Hardback Cafe area of Hastings in Sherman, 2114 Texoma Parkway. Alternatively, contestants may begin and end the contest online.

How about this? You are in a contest to make a movie. Time is limited to forty-eight hours. Someone announces to you and your friends three "givens" (a line of dialogue, a certain character, a certain prop) that have to be in your short movie. You and your pals speed away (but not too fast!) and start imagining a movie of your own. You make up the plot, find a location, film the movie, transfer it to your computer, and use some standard software to make a seven-minute movie. Hopefully, it contains action, pathos, a soundtrack, cool shots, famous movie stars, and real art. Well, maybe not famous movie stars! But by the end of the forty-eight hours, maybe you are just happy you finished it!

Well, you can do all this! It is called the Sherman Arts Festival 48-Hour Script-to-Screen Contest (S2S for short). An annual event, this contest involves imagination and skill. In forty-eight hours, you are not making your masterpiece, but in the six years of the contest, some fine films have emerged. And at the awards ceremony (after a few days of catching up on sleep!), the achievements of all the teams are obvious.

The registration takes place at S2S Kick-Off, at the Hardback Cafe in the Sherman Hastings, at 6:30pm on Friday, September 13. The registration fee is $10.00 per team. The teams have until Sunday evening, September 15, at 7:30pm to turn in their movies. Our S2S judges view and rate the films in the following days. On Sunday, September 22, at 7:30 in the Honey McGee Theater in Sherman, the S2S organizers show all the films and hand out awards. Popcorn provided!

Teams can be a combination of adults and students or can be comprised of only adults. Films must be fairly family friendly, and they must be under seven minutes. For more information, contact the chair of the S2S committee, Hunt Tooley, at 903 816 2359. Or email him at
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