Monday, August 26, 2013

RETURN Hard Version, Joukyou Monogatari, Gatchaman, Hakuoki First Chapter Kyoto Wild Dance, Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Chapter VI I: And Now the Warship Comes and Other Japanese Film Trailers

This week I thought I'd be a hero and try and get lots of reviews done as well as the Anime UK News Autumn Anime Preview Guide. I actually did achieve quite a bit of it by finishing the guide and most of the reviews. I finally finished up my reviews with and . gets released tomorrow. I also posted about all of the Japanese films taking part in the this year. I'll post about the autumn anime I'll be watching next week and take the rest of the week off to get some more reviews finished before starting a mini Kiyoshi Kurosawa season and following that up with a Takashi Ishii season.

What's released in Japan today? A lot of HK films including .

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kickstartering the future of anime

This article is my third attempt at writing a piece about crowd funding and anime, each time I've tried to do so another development forced me to re-write it, illustrating just how quickly crowdsourcing is reshaping the anime industry. , the anime kickstarter by Production IG, was the first big crowd funding success. It proved the crowdfunding concept, where anyone can pledge from $1 to thousands of dollars to a project, generally in exchange for some type of reward, was workable for an anime project. Not only was it an effective means of funding anime, but it was something traditionally conservative Japanese companies could embrace under the right circumstances. Kick-Heart was followed by and Studio Trigger's projects, both of which met and exceeded their goals. Even , a crowdfunding site mostly for older anime, has found success, first with a campaign to make a DVD set of the magical girl show and now hopefully () with a campaign to release a DVD of the first season of Black Jack TV.Does that mean that the revolution has succeeded and the age of crowdfunding is nigh? Hardly. But with the success of the Kick-Heart, Time of Eve and Little Witch projects, it's looking like crowdfunding is one of the best and most rewarding ways to get anime today.

What makes crowdfunding's success so exciting is that it gives fans outside of Japan a way to shape the anime industry. Previously non-Japanese fans could only interact with anime companies indirectly. Fans that wanted to influence what projects got animated could try to talk with directors at conventions or they could show support for a type of show by buying shows on DVD with the hope that the sales encouraged Japanese companies to make other similar shows. Ultimately though fans outside of Japan had little influence. Crowdfunding changes that dynamic. Now fans outside of Japan can pledge money, talk directly with studios during a campaign and influence not only the campaign itself, but influence what type of shows get produced.

Friday, August 23, 2013

New Trailer for upcoming Anime Film "Patema Inverted"

A new and very interestingentitled PATEMA INVERTED ("Sakasama no Patema") is coming on theaters on November. The anime film is created and directed by YASUHIRO YOSHIURA who is known for creating "Time of Eve" ("Eve no Jikan"). PATEMA INVERTED comes out in Japanese theaters on NOVEMBER 9TH. Check out the latest trailer for thebelow. What do you think?

Patema Inverted tells the story of Patema - a princess in an underground world of endless tunnels and shafts wherein she always explores especially in danger zones where people in the community were restricted. Her curiosity in these restricted areas brought her in revealing the secrets behind and meeting a boy named Age.

Autumn Season Preview

My impression of the upcoming season? Holy crap! There are tons of different series to watch out for! Lots of big names will return, and we will get a ton of series with amazing animation. This could very easily become the best season of the year, especially in terms of TV-Series. To give an indication: there are a whopping seven series that I'm psyched for to come out. It's rare for a season to get to that number the last couple of years.


Kiki la petite sorci?re 2013/08/17

Let's Search Manga in Japanese !

Kiki la petite sorci?re

Arrow Video: THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER on Blu-ray


"Is there no end to your horrors?"

"No. None whatever. For they are not mine alone."